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Chris told us that 54508, withdrawn in 1959, was still there in 1963!

SUNDERLAND: Illustrated with a general view with 63395 prominent and an inside shot showed three J27s grouped around the turntable.

Lastly, a Trevor Owen master piece depicted an overall view of Kingmoor Shed.

BOURNEMOUTH: Here we saw another unusual double-headed pairing in 1953 in the shape of 10202 and “U” 31623 and in the same year shots of a Black 5 and a V2 were on loan to the Southern whilst the Merchant Navy Class had checks on their axles.

1957 and 17B’s 42896 was viewed, as was Coronation Class 46240 ‘City of Coventry’ and a 1961 view of 46125 ‘3 Carabinier’ with a Class 105 DMU in the picture for good measure.

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After a view of Tinsley depot in 1965, Les stated that hardly anything railway-related now survives in this area.Paul amused us with lots of light-hearted quips and kept the audience on its toes by getting us to guess the year of some of the photographs.Mark Ratcliffe September - Chris Banks, "Engine sheds - Part 11: Stourbridge to Truro and many others in between" Once again it was time to welcome “Shed Master” Chris along with his son John with the penultimate show regarding former steam engine sheds. STOURBRIDGE: This was a single unit round house shed that opened in 1926 to replace a 4 road building. A shot of a Grange started the show off and 4147 with missing wheels was also illustrated.10 000 was in action in 1954 and a shed view depicted an M7, a W. Somerset & Dorset 53807 arrived at Bournemouth Central on a rail tour for the Home Counties Association.At this point Paul’s last slide of the half announced “It was time for tea! BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET: Back to 1955 and a Jubilee with a double chimney in the shape of 45742 ‘Connaught’ had charge of the “Midlander”.

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