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If your boyfriend is the oldest son, or worse yet, the only son, be prepared for many arguements and lots of tears. You will have to be understanding when he needs to go home every night to his parents. If you both fall in love with each other, you have a difficult storm to navigate through. Your boyfriend will eventually have to make a choice between you and his family.You will probably meet his friends, but on such outings, you may be the only one at the table who doesn't speak Korean. Whichever choice he makes is going to tear his heart in half.

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Known as the Korean hulk, this wealthy Korean has been called the Korean Dan Bilzerian.

A number of guards expressed terror as the secretary knocked out 100 consecutive pushups while simultaneously singing Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue,” a senior defense official said.

The rapid deployment of Mattis to the region came after President Donald Trump promised “fire and fury” like the world had never seen in response to North Korean threats.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un has challenged the US to a hot dog-eating contest, demanding that Trump send his best competitor and at least 4,000 hot dogs. If you love what we do, please donate a few bucks to keep our doors open.

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