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Bure's followers on Instagram must have felt the same way about the dress and immediately shared their disapproval."I thought she stands for Christian values. 'Modest.'"Another critic chimed in, saying, "Seriously though! I thought @Candacecbure stands up for Christian values?!?! I can't let my kids watch this, is this how you dress?"Bure's attempt to promote the upcoming series seems to have backfired, as some fans have said they are now discouraged from watching the "Full House" spin off.

From the beginning of the show Bure set the tone and received praise from her Christian fans.This week, Davis and Maks tapped into Meryl's bag of tricks and performed an acrobatic swing: The cannons boomed not once but twice last night, signaling that two tributes had been defeated.When Meryl looked up into the sky of the arena, she noticed the pained and painted face of the older swimmer from District 4, Diana Nyad.The actress usually takes a stand against naysayers, but this time she chose to do otherwise and removed the photo two hours after it was posted.In the past, Bure has addressed critics who've bashed her wardrobe choices."'I'm too religious, I'm not Godly enough, I'm too thin now, I'm not very humble, I've had too much plastic surgery, My brother Kirk is a better Christian than me, I'm too worldly, I'm too conservative, I'm not modest enough, I'm a show-off.' Those are just a few of the types of comments I get no matter what I share, what photo I post or what I say," Bure said in a blog posted in 2014.

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